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How to participate

There are 17 different Young Scientist badges that can be earned. The activities may be carried out during your leisure time. On average, one takes about 3 months to complete one activity card.
To earn a badge,
  1. Buy an activity card and carry out the activities listed. You may seek advice from your parents or teachers, but you must carry out the activities yourself.
  2. Present the completed activities to your school teacher, who will acknowledge that you have completed the activity. Each completed activity earns you the corresponding number of stars indicated. Parents may also acknowledge the completion of up to 6 stars worth of activities.
  3. Upon earning 15 stars, submit the card.

Submission procedure

Information regarding submission of cards for 2016 will be available by July.
Students must hand in their cards to their school teachers. We will not accept submissions from individual students.

For this year and the following year, the IT Whiz cards are complimentary and so without charge.

Please call, sms or whatsapp Henry Marketing Services at tel 96177285. You can also email them at henry.mktg.svc@

Delivery is free.

Primary Science Activities Cards

There are altogether 17 Science Activities Cards for Primary Schools:

Young Astronomer
Young Botanist
Young Chemist
Young Ecologist
Young Entomologist
Young Environmentalist
Young Food Scientist
Young Geneticist
Young Geologist
Young IT Whiz
Young Mathematician
Young Meteorologist
Young Ornithologist
Young Physicist
Young Water Ambassador
Young Zoologist
I am a young energy saver

Please call or email us your order of the cards which are priced at $2.50 each.

Mode of payment: cash, cheque or e-invoice.

Telephone: 64428511  Mobile: 96177285

Delivery is free.

Questa Club Activity Card

Questa Club Activity Card is published and printed by Singapore Science Centre.

A Science project for Secondary 1 to 4.

The card costs $3.00 inclusive of a certificate and a badge upon completion of project.

Please order them through phone, or email at

Mode of Payment: Cash. cheque or e-invoice.

Delivery is free.