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1) I have bought the 'old series' of cards before the launch of the new cards (launch was on 31st January 2013). What should I do? If you have already started working on the activities, you can continue to use the old card. If you have not started working on the activities, you can a) complete the activities in the old card, or b) get a copy of the new card and paste it on your old card. Complete 15 stars to qualify for a badge and certificate. ** Please do not mix and match activities from the old and new card.

2) Can I exchange my old cards with the new ones? No, Science Centre do not allow exchange of cards. The old cards can still be submitted for the award of badges. By 2014, Science Centre will accept only new cards when they call for submission of cards.

3) Can parents endorse 6 stars worth of activities for the old cards? Yes. Parents can certify up to 6 stars worth of activities in both old and new cards. The projects certified by parents should be kept at home for verification if needed.

4) Can parents submit the cards directly to Science Centre? No. The cards should be submitted through teachers and to the collection centre. The collection centre will be made known to schools by first Friday of July.

5) When is the deadline for submission of cards? The deadline for submission of cards for badge award will probably be end of August.
updated 4/3/3014
There will be one school as collection centre in each zone. The collection centre will be made known to schools in month of June/July.
The deadline submission of cards for badge award will be in month of August.  All schools will be notify near to date.

Primary Science Activities Cards

There are altogether 17 Science Activities Cards for Primary Schools:

Young Astronomer
Young Botanist
Young Chemist
Young Ecologist
Young Entomologist
Young Environmentalist
Young Food Scientist
Young Geneticist
Young Geologist
Young IT Whiz
Young Mathematician
Young Meteorologist
Young Ornithologist
Young Physicist
Young Water Ambassador
Young Zoologist
I am a young energy saver

Please call or email us your order of the cards which are priced at $2.50 each.
Delivery is free. No gst.
Mode of payment: cash, cheque or e-invoice.

Telephone: 64428511  Mobile: 96177285

Delivery is free.

Questa Club Activity Card

Questa Club Activity Card is published and printed by Singapore Science Centre.

A Science project for Secondary 1 to 4.
The card costs $3.00 inclusive of a certificate and a badge upon completion of project.

Please order them through phone, or email at
Mode of Payment: Cash. cheque or e-invoice.

Delivery is free.